NOMO Technologies builds state-of-the-art 3D modelling for human body

Clothing industry is a multi-billion business and online shopping is expanding globally. However, failing in buying correct sizes leads to high return rates, up to 50%. 3D full body scanner can solve this challenge.

NOMO Technologies believes that a 3D full body scanner with a physical platform has great potential to solve online shopping problems. We aim to break the unawareness of market possibilities of digital 3D measure system, particularly targeted to online shops, brand owners and department stores.

NOMO Technologies is creating an extremely precise 3D model of human body that is technology independent. In May 2017, we launched our prototype 3D full body scanner that was developed in cooperation with Aalto University, as part of Aalto University’s Design Factory Product Development Project.

The newly launched mobile 3D scanning platform consists of the following features:

  • easy to assemble and move
  • minimal space requirement
  • accurate capture of dimensions
  • futuristic design with pleasant user experience
  • friendly user interface, and low production cost.

Together with the NOMO Scan Capture scanner, 3D Digital Fit software has been developed.